– Providing quality education to pupils
– Getting athletes forever
– Comprehensive training for pupils
– Improve overall fitness
– Motivation and fun by approaching sport to pupils
– Ensure that sport is a part of our daily tasks

We offer:
– Classes thoughout the year
– Every day of the week
– School for children and adults
– Individual and group lessons
– All levels

Why training at More&Tennis?
1. Because we have a staff of qualified professionals fully dedicated to the sport and living with passion tennis.
2. They trust our work more relevants Clubs a Community Sports Organizations.
3. Because our seriousness and professionalism at work, combined with a family atmosphere with parenys and pupils.
4. We work with small groups of pupils per court.
5. We work with pupils of all ages and from the tennis initiation to High Competition
6. We obtain good results at regional, national and international level.
7. We organize and participate in regional, national and international circuits.